Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Нина Добрев - актриса, родившаяся в обычной семье художницы и программиста из Канады. Свою карьеру девушка начала в 14 лет, когда сыграла роль Мии Джонс в сериале “Улица Деграсси” о жизни подростков. Самой известной ролью Нины Добрев стала роль Елены и Кэтрин в ситкоме “Дневники вампира”.

 Инстаграм Нины Добрев  Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Играя двух влюбленных девушек, которые разбили сердца двум вампирам, актриса открыла в себе новые грани таланта. После сериала Нина Добрев продолжила сниматься в кино, а также представлять Канаду на соревнованиях по художественной гимнастике. Она активно занимается различными видами спорта, такими как футбол, волейбол, плавание, верховая езда и вейбординг. И Инстаграм, и «Дневники вампиров» популярны среди подростков. Это сочетается сказывается отлично: в настоящий момент инстаграм Нины Добрев имеет огромную аудиторию – почти 3 млн. подписчиков.

Поклонники выражают свою любовь к актрисе через лайки и комментарии. Нина Добрев инстаграм ведет под ником @ninadobrev. Хотя Нина Добрев в инстаграме не балует поклонников чрезмерно откровенными фото, остальные фотографии показывают насколько она горяча, что способна обратить на себя внимание даже хладнокровных вампиров. Фото 2016 года в инстаграм Нина Добрев публикует чаще, чем раньше, т.к. девушка больше путешествует и делится с публикой яркими моментами. Часто в инстаграм Нины Добрев появляются мотивационные посты с призывом чувствовать себя счастливыми и не падать духом.

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  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    298819 2018.03.28 02:51
    When in doubt, stretch it out! Mixing up my workout routine with some #BODYFLOW because life is all about balance. #ReebokAmbassador #ShareYourStrength @ReebokWomen @LesMillsTribe
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    162749 2018.03.26 22:17
    ???‍♀️ #Repost @deadline Ben Platt, Nina Dobrev, Mena Massoud & Damian Lewis To Star In ‘Run This Town’ http://deadline.com/2018/03/ben-platt-nina-dobrev-mena-massoud-damian-lewis-run-this-town-drama-1202353499/ @bensplatt @menamassey #DamienLewis
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    224072 2018.03.25 22:16
    Had the pleasure of moderating a Q&A; for the film FLOWER with @hellomattspicer @timheidecker and @dylangelula ! The movie is in theaters now !!! Go see it. You won’t want to miss @zoeydeutch’s performance in this film, directed by @misterwinkler ?❤️??❤️??❤️? @flowerthemovie
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    442168 2018.03.25 11:08
    The kid makes a good a point. Goodnight America... hope that we wake up to a better tomorrow.
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    508925 2018.03.24 23:28
    We’ve had ENOUGH. We call BS. The violence needs to end now. Children are being robbed... of their lives. How many more kids need to die before something changes? Schools should be a safe place where children go to learn, not to die. Politicians, we ask that you protect the people NOT the NRA. Today we #MarchForOurLives. I really hope our outcries have been heard. Something NEEDS to change. NOW.
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    163228 2018.03.24 18:18
    Today I will march. I will March for change. It’s time. Time to do something to stop the violence. Stop mass massacres, school shootings. It’s about damn time. Today we will march to show politicians it’s in their hands, the pressure is on the leaders to do something. STOP GUN VIOLENCE. #Repost @jessicachastain ・・・ On my birthday I am thankful for our future leaders. The new generation is stepping forward. They're not afraid to call out politicians for valuing campaign contributions over people's lives. They're not afraid to name the NRA as an institution of corruption and greed. We must end this time of violence. A society that doesn't protect their kids, bathes in shame. #marchforourlives #marjorystonemandouglas #neveragain #sandyhook #newtown #columbine #greatmillshighschool #pulse #aurora #lasvegas #notonemore
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    331584 2018.03.24 02:11
    Happy #NationalPuppyDay to my number one bitch. I mean puppy. Number one puppy. You have my heart babygirl... @mrs.maverick
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    91358 2018.03.23 18:38
    TOMORROW. #MarchForOurLives. I am proud to support the incredible students behind on Saturday March 24, they march on Washington, DC to demand an end gun violence in our schools and communities. Please join them: http:// marchforourlives.com/march-with-us
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    297477 2018.03.23 03:04
    I shot a film in Toronto a year and a half ago, and the crew of the movie had just finished working with Guillermo on Shape Of Water. They couldn’t stop raving about what a great person he was and how incredible the film was going to be. They were not wrong, Shape Of Water was hands down my favorite movie this awards season and getting to meet and chat with Guillermo confirmed what I’d heard. He’s such a sweet, present, engaging, passionate person whose vision and talent are unprecedented. It was an honor @realgdt You are a living legend.
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    452095 2018.03.22 23:05
    Pinky: Gee, Brain. What are we going to do tonight? The Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world! ? #TBT @blakeanderson
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    387419 2018.03.20 23:32
    Are we still doing the B&W; thing? I guess so. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA OTTO ??? We’ve been room mates, we’ve been travel mates but we’ll always be besticle/breast friend mates. Til the bitter end, friend. 1 more year down 60-70 to go... happy birthday buddy. @ottocedeno
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    405638 2018.03.20 19:55
    High Five to the Birthday girl @rubyrose ! Celebrating you being alive is so easy because you’re a gem of a human and the world is a better place with you in it! Shout out to your mama for doing such a great job raising a funny sweet caring talented passionate hardworking amazing person. #HAPPYBIRTHDAYBEAUTY?❤️??
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    355926 2018.03.20 19:11
    How about them @lakers ? But first, let me take a selfie. - @thechainsmokers #Repost @lakersscene ・・・ Spotted: ?: LakersSnaps special guest @nina #LakeShow
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    680933 2018.03.20 01:32
    Happy Mondayyyyyy. Which one are you today? Comment below! #GoofballMondays?
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    226468 2018.03.18 23:19
    It’s a Sunday. Funday. Until this guy gets in the middle of it.... swipe ?? for a pretty epic photobomb ..... ??‍♀️?. Our faces say it all.
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    244509 2018.03.17 21:06
    What are you waiting for?
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    512895 2018.03.16 21:08
    Expectation vs. Reality ? ?? ? #FBF
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    542994 2018.03.15 20:15
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    540186 2018.03.14 22:52
    Inspire with passion & lead with confidence. #ReebokAmbassador #ShareYourStrength @reebokwomen @lesmillstribe
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    357638 2018.03.12 19:23
    Hard to put your suit back on Monday morning when you lived in sweats all weekend. Can someone give me a hand?