Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Актриса, гимнастка, модель болгарского происхождения с канадским паспортом - Нина Добрев. Услышав это имя, поначалу думаешь, что это наверняка какая-нибудь русская красавица, но нет, не земляки мы. От этого Ниночка безусловно не перестает быть красавицей. Впервые получив роль в подростковой канадской драме: "Деграсси: Следующее поколение", девушка поняла, что быть актрисой ей предначертано звездами, картами, воском и всеми остальными гадательными интерфейсами.

 Инстаграм Нины Добрев  Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Известность настигла ее после выхода в свет сериала "Дневники вампира" в 2009 году, где Добрев исполнила главную роль, параллельно играя и еще одну героиню. Как и множественная молодежь Нина Добрев инстаграм обновляет регулярно на радость поклонникам. Вырезки из фильмов (incl.собственное участие), фото с перформансов, моционов, фуршетов, пейзажи с другими актерами - все по нужным актерским канонам.

Не брезгует Нина неформатными выражениями в своих подписях, за что ей безмерный респект - пора разбавить эту скуку отборным матом (жаль, что не русским). Свободно выражать свои эмоции и желания Nina Dobrev может на родном болгарском, французском, английском в instagram @ninadobrev.

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  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    626223 2017.08.19 22:37
    Turtle: "Can I see an ID please miss?" Me: "oh, shoot, I didn't know you had to show identification to be in the ocean so I didn't bring it." Turtle: "Then you shall not pass". @littleoceantours 📸: @juansharks @ourplanet360
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    805557 2017.08.18 20:10
    ❤️ #Repost @harpersbazaarus ・・・ Introducing our newest #harperbyHarpersBazaar guest editor #NinaDobrev. The superstar paints the town red in her September issue feature. Tap the link in our bio to see the fashion shoot. @sephora Photography by @livingstonjenny Styling by @joannahillman Dobrev wears @coach @viceroycentralpark @theroofny
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    873430 2017.08.17 23:14
    😈 #Repost @harpersbazaarus ・・・ "My rule of thumb is, I'll try anything once. I have a healthy obsession—or possibly unhealthy—obsession with trying things for the first time." @nina dobrev talks her daredevil adventures in our latest #harperbyharpersbazaar. Tap the link in our bio to read the feature. Photography by @livingstonjenny Styling by @joannahillman Dobrev wears @tommyhilfiger @viceroycentralpark @kingside_ny
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    561025 2017.08.17 20:29
    Had such a blast guest editing the September issue of HARPER'S by Harper's Bazaar and so excited to share it with you! Get your copies with the September issue of HB! @harpersbazaarus link in my bio!!
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    1227817 2017.08.15 21:11
    One of us is an actor. The other is a model. Can you guess who is who? #BedroomEyes
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    272098 2017.08.14 23:08
    See? Sharks ARE cute and cuddly. Nothing dangerous about this babe. Shark week may have technically ended but that's not the case in my house. We celebrate and protect these amazing creatures 365 days of the year! #SaveSharks #FinBanNow @mrs.maverick @ourplanet360 @oceana @lauren_powell_whatton
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    174738 2017.08.11 08:54
    A day doesn't go by that I don't think about my sleeping angel. Especially on #Internationalcatday. Rest In Peace beautiful girl. Missing your sandpaper kisses terribly, my Lynx. ❤️😿❤️
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    857607 2017.08.07 21:40
    Easing into Monday like... @reebokwomen #LesMills #ShareYourStrength #ReebokAmbassador #MondayMornings
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    440056 2017.08.06 23:59
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    447035 2017.08.05 23:00
    Saturdayz are for cozy cuddlez #FurryFriendFun #BuddySystem #FindYourBuddy
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    1151842 2017.08.03 20:12
    Bus problems? No problem. We'll get there... #HitchHikerBridesmaids #YesWeGotPickedUp #TBT 📸: @derekhough
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    730941 2017.08.02 21:36
    Happy Humpday. #Wednesdayz #🍑 #Repost @ourplanet360 ・・・ Swimming towards the weekend like… 🏊🏼‍♀️ @nina
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    579784 2017.08.02 21:34
    New York brought the Heat. What else were we supposed to do? #slomo #BringingSWEATYBack #Repost @nobread ・・・ It's a scorcher out there 😜 This gets funnier EVERY. TIME. Stay hydrated and don't take yourself too seriously 💦 @reebokwomen x @lesmillstribe x @nina @nobread @cheeklane @gababuto @katsilver
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    150443 2017.07.31 05:23
    The newest member of my squad. My daughter. #UnicornTheShark #AdoptDONTShop❤️🦈 #Repost @ourplanet360 ・・・ Meet the the real life Underwater Unicorn! Officially adopted by Momma Dobrev 💦🦈🦄 @nina
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    1037989 2017.07.29 00:16
    End of #SharkWeek checklist! 1. Support a #FinBanNow 2. Join @oceana 3. rock a shark @livelokai And yes, to answer your question those are sharks, NOT dolphins. And I look chill AF. That's because they are amazing beautiful creatures that I had the pleasure of swimming with. Thank you for inviting me into YOUR home guys, I appreciate the hospitality. ❤️🦈❤️
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    337546 2017.07.27 20:57
    #Flatliners🎞 in theaters September 29th. 😱😱😱
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    965655 2017.07.27 08:27
    Underwater Ballet. #FreeDiveForACause I love the freedom of freediving, the weightless & infinite feeling of reconnecting to the whole ocean, our bodies are made up of mostly water just like the majority of the planet which all life relies on and sometimes it feels like I can't tell where my hands end and the open water begins. 📸 Photo by the "Juan and Only" @juansharks #conservationphotographer #ForACause #ForTheOcean @oneoceandiving
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    341171 2017.07.26 21:05
    In honor of #SharkWeek, I have another cool video and some shark-y facts to share: (Fact 1) - the demand for fins is one of the greatest threats facing sharks. (Fact 2) – you can help by clicking link in my bio 👆🏼👆🏼ABOVE👆🏼👆🏼 to get involved in Oceana’s #FinBanNow campaign. (Fact 3) – you can support Oceana by picking up a rad Shark @LiveLokai…each one = $1t to Oceana! #Oceana #LiveLokai #SaveSharks Link in my bio !!
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    451130 2017.07.24 17:34
    As promised, I have more sharky goodness for you – the PSA I shot with Oceana in June! Every year, fins from as many as 73 million sharks end up in the global shark fin trade and it’s on us to do something about it. Tune in today as I takeover @Oceana’s Instagram to share more about why we’re calling for a nationwide ban on the buying and selling of shark fins in the U.S. Together, we can protect sharks and the health of our oceans. #FinBanNow 📷: @petezuc Pete Zuccarini / @sharkweek http://bit.ly/2trlu0m
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    763324 2017.07.23 19:22
    Three is company #🦄