Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Актриса, гимнастка, модель болгарского происхождения с канадским паспортом - Нина Добрев. Услышав это имя, поначалу думаешь, что это наверняка какая-нибудь русская красавица, но нет, не земляки мы. От этого Ниночка безусловно не перестает быть красавицей. Впервые получив роль в подростковой канадской драме: "Деграсси: Следующее поколение", девушка поняла, что быть актрисой ей предначертано звездами, картами, воском и всеми остальными гадательными интерфейсами.

 Инстаграм Нины Добрев  Инстаграм Нины Добрев

Известность настигла ее после выхода в свет сериала "Дневники вампира" в 2009 году, где Добрев исполнила главную роль, параллельно играя и еще одну героиню. Как и множественная молодежь Нина Добрев инстаграм обновляет регулярно на радость поклонникам. Вырезки из фильмов (incl.собственное участие), фото с перформансов, моционов, фуршетов, пейзажи с другими актерами - все по нужным актерским канонам.

Не брезгует Нина неформатными выражениями в своих подписях, за что ей безмерный респект - пора разбавить эту скуку отборным матом (жаль, что не русским). Свободно выражать свои эмоции и желания Nina Dobrev может на родном болгарском, французском, английском в instagram @ninadobrev.

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  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    895017 2017.04.20 00:52
    Go bare or go home. 🙅🏻💄“No Makeup” feature from People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful 2017 Issue. Pick up the #MostBeautiful issue, on newsstands April 21. @People #NoMakeup #NoFilter
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    563080 2017.04.17 00:17
    🙆🏾 @cheeklane @lesliepowellmusic @chordover @joeystantonforpresident @karenmccullah
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    722307 2017.04.16 03:18
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    557777 2017.04.16 03:14
    Completely candid photo of the crew. #Squad
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    795503 2017.04.14 21:44
    Let the festivities begin... #FlashBackFriday
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    486618 2017.04.12 22:16
    Hugs heal everything 🤗
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    674977 2017.04.11 06:51
    We've changed.... #HappyNationalSiblingsDay It used to annoy the shit out of me when people would ask me if you were my younger brother. Well, that hasn't changed. Still annoys the shit out of me every time I have to inform people that I'm the younger one. BY 5 YEARS. I'm going to have to invest in some more expensive face cream. And yet despite this, I love you bro. And that will never change. #BrotherFromTheSAMEMother
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    600202 2017.04.07 22:00
    #FlashBackFriday to my Nylon Magazine cover shoot 🤠🤘🏼
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    115029 2017.04.07 20:05
    LA is Cray. Some of the shit people say here baffles me. And provides countless hours of laughter and entertainment. For that reason @overheardLA is my favorite Instagram account to follow and I jumped at the opportunity to do a reenactment of some of my fav overheards with my friends over at FUNNY OR DIE. Go to my instastory and swipe up which will redirect you to funnyordie.com to watch the full video. @funnyordie
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    509778 2017.04.04 23:29
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    575177 2017.04.03 01:33
    I will always be a kid at heart. And I'll never stop acting like one either. #Squad #Stanley PhotoCredit📸: @glassofwhiskey
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    392923 2017.04.02 21:52
    Reunited with my former fling. #Stanley #Repost @keleigh_sperry with @repostapp ・・・ Happy birthday Jess!
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    725077 2017.04.01 21:23
    Flashing back to 2010. We were so young then. Only friends for 1 year at that point, our livers were relatively undamaged. At least compared to now. Knowing you is dangerous and after 8 years, there are days that I wonder how we're both still alive. Our friendship is a hazard to us both. It's Sick, but in a good way. Love you boobs, Happy Birthday PYT. #WereDEFINITELYgettingOlder ❤ @jessicaszohr
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    650554 2017.03.28 00:13
    To my sweet sweet angel, As I look back on the last 18 years together, I smile through my tears. You brought me so much joy, love, unlimited cuddles and so many sandpaper kisses. I still remember the first day I brought you home, the size of a tea cup purring as I held you in my hands. You were so fragile and furry, as soft as the worlds tiniest cashmere blanket. I knew in that moment you were my soulmate. From there our long journey began and we were inseparable. We grew up together in Toronto, then you followed me to Atlanta, and from there we road tripped across the United States through New Orleans, Austin City, Amarillo Texas, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, we even saw the Grand Canyon for our first time together. Our last chapter and final destination was here in Los Angeles. I hope I was able to give you a beautiful happy life filled with love, because that's what you gave me. Saying goodbye to you on Saturday was the most difficult thing I have had to do in my life. It was bittersweet, but I'm so happy I got to hold you in my arms one last time. My heart hurts, I miss you more than I words can explain but I can still feel your presence, energy and light. I know you're still with me and will always be a part of me, no matter where I go. In sickness and in health until death do us part. My longest relationship, my rock, my best friend. I love you. ❤😿💔 #RIP 9 lives. 9 names. Bambi Jami Jamilia Lynx Jami Lynx Jinx Jimmy jam Poop Jammie
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    407622 2017.03.25 05:35
    Even in the darkest of times you have to try to find the light in every moment. Surrounding yourself with good positive people is so important. I have the best, most supportive friends. Beyond grateful. 💖❤💙💛💚💗
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    442382 2017.03.24 22:53
    She forgot to close the door. #CaughtRedPawed #💩 #FlashBackFriday
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    538190 2017.03.23 18:51
    You hear people say "dogs are a man's best friend." She might not be one, but she's my best friend so today on #NationalPuppyDay I celebrate my main squeeze. She may not bark, but she fits the criteria in every other way. She follows me everywhere I go, she loves me unconditionally, she sleeps with me (often on me), she licks me, she constantly begs for food, I pick up her poop. I love you, you furry little critter.
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    561942 2017.03.21 19:35
    💋 #Repost @ilariaurbinati with @repostapp ・・・ Thanks for the love @VogueMagazine! @Nina in @ZacPosen mentioned in their piece on the top 25 stylists :)
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    659855 2017.03.20 20:41
    I've said it before, I'll say it again... your the most amazing Besticle a Breast Friend could ask for. Happy Birthday Otto, you're a legend and scholar and you've been my rock in so many amazing and difficult moments. Your friendship means the world to me. Looking forward to many years of liver damaging debauchery and all the fun filled adventures I know we still have ahead. Posting this in Black and White for you, you stubborn weirdo. Sending love and light to NYC today, hope you're celebrating in style! Love ya buds. @ottocedeno
  • Инстаграм Нины Добрев
    548610 2017.03.20 20:33
    Happy Birthday to my prankster counterpart. I don't usually get got, but this girl got me good. A lot. She kept me on my toes every day we were on set. Ruby is one of a kind. She has a heart of gold that touches your soul. If you're lucky enough to know her, you know that she's not just a pretty face. Beyond her insanely beautiful exterior she is incredibly kind, funny, passionate, talented, intelligent, fun, sweet, and quick witted. Happy Birthday woman! Sending you love, Becky aka Neenz. 🤓❤💩👻😃🎂⭐️🤗 @rubyrose