Зарубежное кино

Зарубежное кино
  • 779782 2018.02.18 23:23
    Start em up! Go @austindillon3 go! Go Green Equipment can NOT WAIT to be on your car in Vegas and Phoenix! See you in the Victory lane! #Daytona500 #NASCAR I LOVE THIS! Mr. Richard Childress, sir your family is so special and welcomed us like family and it was so very very fun! I look forward to such a great relationship, team and family.
  • 39794 2018.02.17 01:27
    Great meeting today at @andreaiervolinoproducer offices! Can’t wait until we can announce what we’re working on. Passion project I’ve had in the works for a while :) can’t wait to see Andreas next film Arctic Justice as well which looks awesome with some of my favorite actors.
  • 24726 2018.02.16 16:16
    In my last couple of posts, I’ve not suggested a single idea for new gun laws or background checks or even mental illness issues after the latest school murders in Florida. I only suggested change. And yet many folks were outraged and threatened and angered by only that. They unfollowed my account (fine). Or remained to convince me to #packyourbags REALLY? You feel there’s zero change needed? You hate and want me out of the country and belittle my opinion after three generations of my fathers served and gave their lives because I suggest it’s not shameful to maybe explore taking a page from another country where their children haven’t been mass murdered in a school shooting in over 20 years? My gentle nudge towards thinking this way is void because I am part of #hollywoodhypocrisy For influencing this heinous disease when I’ve touched one gun in one comedic film in 35 years of work and other countries have access to that same entertainment and don’t struggle with the same violence we do here? At this point I say to the unfollowers, good riddance. I’m sorry that the suggestion of a conversation frightened you off. You have no interest in having any conversation and I have no interest in wasting my time trying to convince you to be a more evolved human being. Those of you that will stay, despite our shared heartbreak at times, I plead with you to find energy to rise and dissent and make change. I share this wee video from last year. My Unlikely Pal and I, @randyhouser put on a festival, something neither of us had ever done before and we did so in 70-something hours. We’d hoped 1,500 people might show and give cash out of their pockets to charity Saint Jude. 7,000+ hardworking people showed and gave. You can make change. Much more easily than you may think. You can not #packyourbags and stay and make our homeland all your previous generations fought for by what we now call dissent. It’s not only our right but our responsibility. I’m always willing to listen to the other side of the argument. And fine tune my barometer of fairness. And fight for it loudly. The others can run.
  • 16509 2018.02.16 11:53
    In a positive, impromptu moment, @badflowerjosh and @nicholaspetricholas, who’d just met, two very different guys from two very different bands with two very different messages bonding without a word. (All I did was plug my keyboard in). Music is truly the universal language. And it does teach us we can all have any discussion. ❤️ #howweejamsstart #hownotsoweetoursbegin #hootenanny
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