Зарубежное кино

Зарубежное кино
  • 31281 2017.10.20 20:08
    Authors pic for my inevitable self-discovery soft-porn novel set in Cape Cod and/or Wales. It will be huge at airport retailers and Diane Lane already has the rights.
  • 9114 2017.10.19 23:45
    1997 год. Клуб Титаник.........хотя я могу что-то путать🤔 @sergeyburunovofficial @pablo_derevyanko #потолокжмет
  • 54940 2017.10.19 21:15
    Check out this candy mosaic that @dbelicious and I made for @dylanscandybar’s Sweet 16! You can bid on it now at @charitybuzz or click the link in my bio. All proceeds go to @ejaf #DylansCandyBarSweet16
  • 26230 2017.10.19 17:16
    Last night was really special because I got to hang with this amazing family. Fleeing across the border from Syria to Jordan on foot, Faiqa, Ezaat, Faour, Bashar, Mohammed, Mahmoud and Zaid, became refugees. They lived at the Za'atari camp, where I spent some time last year with @savethechildren, and I can assure you it would not be an easy place to raise kids. Nevertheless, they persisted, enrolling in the STC child education programs, and after years of extensive vetting, they were allowed to come to the US, where they now live. The boys seem to be adjusting well, but it's not easy. What they've endured at their young age is more than most of us could handle. I'm honored to have met them. Thank you, @savethechildren, for everything you do. #investinkids
  • 174346 2017.10.19 02:56
    Check out the trailer for our wonderful film in my bio! #ILoveYouDaddy @iloveudaddyfilm written and directed by #LouisCk :) in theaters November 17!
  • 35584 2017.10.18 07:55
    Not sure what I was doing here on the red carpet today... but I think I'm in a good place? Thank you again @chanelofficial & @tribeca. 📷@slovekinpics #powershoulders
  • 8282 2017.10.18 07:31
    An uninteresting picture of a very interesting conversation. Spike Jonze, Chris Smith, and Jim Carrey at the q&a tonight at MOMA for "JIM & ANDY, The Great Beyond..." .... Wow. Do yourselves a solid and see this incredible documentary, which is hilarious and profound and kind of mind-blowing. One of my favorite take-aways was Jim's point that it's far more heartbreaking to fail when you've compromised than when you've reached for your dreams. Failure can happen either way. So you might as well go for it. 🙌. Check it out on Netflix Nov 17.
  • 8652 2017.10.18 03:13
    Our east coast baby shower was amazing. I feel so lucky to have so many loving and generous people in my life. And soon to be our babies life! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our new little Bean! ❤️👶🏼❤️
  • 45878 2017.10.18 03:01
    Me diste un beso y ay ay ay..... 😍 @pepebarrososilva 😜 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕 #TeQuieroMas 💕
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