• 170531 2017.04.21 00:25
    I’ve decided to eliminate all other distractions by taking you into a sensory-deprivation tank live on Facebook so that we can chat about today’s momentous event: THE OPENING OF GISHWHES Registration! Won’t you join me? You know you want to... gishwhes.com
  • 64824 2017.04.18 00:26
    ‪It's #haikuDay this one is from Matsuo Basho, (who deleted his instagram account in 1694.) What's your Haiku?‬ PS, if u need more poetry in your life I often recite short poems on snapchat. My snapchat handle is "Mishacollins," I think.
  • 230533 2017.04.16 18:33
    We made Easter egg dies from things like purple cabbage and onion skins and made stencils from wildflowers. Step 1) press Flowers's onto white egg. Step 2) wrap egg and flowers in onion skin and tie with thread. Step 3) boil. Step 4) unwrap. I know this is not the appropriate place to share this sort of thing but I didn't know where else to brag about it because I'm not on Pinterest and I don't have an Etsy store and i've been asked not to show up for show-and-tell at the local elementary school anymore.
  • 300288 2017.04.10 07:08
    This weekend, fans gave me 100 blue roses--1 for each episode of supernatural i've worked on. (You guys really know how to make a girl blush.) (photo by @chrisschmelke)
  • 132193 2017.04.06 01:49
    Because I so badly want you to be with me in Seattle this weekend, I’m hosting a “virtual coffee klatch” on Saturday. Join in from the comfort of the Internet as I share (and probably overshare) stories with you and answer your questions, LIVE, April 8, 5:15 PM PDT. http://bit.ly/2nFqqXJ P.S. Did you know that Seattle is the home of Starbucks? PPS: Did you know that there are measurable amounts of caffeine in the seawater around Seattle?
  • 250537 2017.04.02 02:34
    Me, after my @randomactsorg #E4K bike ride. I can't walk, but you can still donate! https://www.crowdrise.com/endure-4-kindness-2017/fundraiser/MishaCollins
  • 175429 2017.03.23 22:52
    Congress is putting our internet browser data up for sale, but that's okay. I'm not ashamed of my browser history! #ProfitBeforePrivacy http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/03/23/congress-vote-may-overturn-net-privacy-rules/99521516/