• 268219 2017.11.11 21:01
    My grandfather Dorr ("Pop") was in the US Air Force in WWII. He had the best stories. Today, I'm thinking of him & of all who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you all. #veteransday
  • 156318 2017.11.10 03:18
    It's #Supernatural night! I've been spending my downtime on set experimenting with "craft cloning", and as you can see, it's really going well! Order your microbrewed @misha individually, or pick up a six pack (as shown)! (Photo Credit: @creasser)
  • 50690 2017.11.09 21:35
    This memo is so important, I've been carrying it around in my pocket all day so I wouldn't forget to share it with you! Please read it & help us spread the word. http://bit.ly/RA4Nicaragua @randomactsorg
  • 393639 2017.11.09 03:29
    @jaredpadalecki & @jensenackles kept trying to make me break during our @rogueonline shoot. As you can see from this behind-the-scenes image, it worked. (Shocker, I know.)
  • 121084 2017.11.09 02:33
    My poems have always been too long for Twitter. But last night, with 280 characters, I managed to squeeze this one in. I thought I’d share it here as well.
  • 165975 2017.11.08 23:14
    One of my favorite art groups turned a wildfire-ravaged canyon into a place where the trees glow of gold... but the installation closes Nov. 12. Find what you've lost there: https://www.archivesandrecords.info/upcoming/ @upcomingla
  • 198026 2017.11.04 04:04
    The #Supernatural crew really looks up to me. In fact, they’re even starting to dress like me. Flattering, but creepy. (Photo evidence thanks to @creasser.)
  • 592339 2017.10.13 02:45
    Just hangin w/my buds, covered in, um, kittens...gettin set 2 watch the season 13 premiere of #Supernatural tonight...no big deal. How's ur night look?
  • 183955 2017.10.13 02:40
    As an avant-garde artist, I'm innovating a new "collaborative performance art" movement and I need your help! http://bit.ly/RACreateContest Enter the Random Acts #Create2Educate contest! Submit art that represents your vision of a world where everyone has equal access to education. You can make anything you like (poems, sculpture, etc). Submit your masterpiece by October 31, 2017 at 11:59pm ET. I'll pick my favorites and critique, comment on, or recreate three of them. (Not to be egotistical, but as a master mixed media artist with years of experience in "colored wax stick" media since my toddler years, I'm pretty sure I can recreate anything you send my way... Try me.) You can also win some great prizes and best of all, you'll be helping Random Acts finish the building for the Free High School in Nicaragua. Join now. I want to see what you create! http://bit.ly/RACreateContest