• 324239 2017.01.07 08:44
    Hey Jared...first off, its below freezing here. Second, I don't have someone bringing ME iced lattes. And third, put a coat on. I'm no genius, but that might warm u up. Now excuse me while I go change this child's diaper. #livinthedream
  • 152363 2016.12.21 03:34
    A few hours left to join our family in helping other families for the holidays. To me it has never felt more urgent to take notice of those in need. http://bit.ly/2h7SJhC http://bit.ly/trio_mci
  • 206195 2016.12.20 20:11
    Today is the last day to get in on helping us to spread the #SPNFamily love to families in need this holiday season! #SPNFamilyValues bit.ly/trio_mci (They told me we were all going to dress up like Christmas elves for the picture. Jerks.)
  • 83418 2016.12.20 01:38
    I have never been so excited to have a man give a video guided-tour of a high-school bathroom.( Wait. That didn’t come out the way it was supposed to…) Your donations to @randomactsorg paid for 100% of the construction of this FREE HIGH SCHOOL in Nicaragua which will serve kids who otherwise are not allowed to attend school, like single moms (if you have a kid, they don’t let you attend public schools in Nicaragua) and other disadvantaged kids! Thanks to the hard work of our team & all the support from all of you, the first building is nearly done. Check it out! (Don't worry, I'm giving you all a hall pass.)
  • 80444 2016.12.17 02:56
    You asked us to keep the #SPNFamily love going so we could do even more to help families in need this holiday season. While we normally try not to actually listen to our family members,the #SPNFamily's is different! The #SPNFamilyValues campaign is EXTENDED until Tuesday, Dec 20 at midnight PST! bit.ly/trio_mci http://bit.ly/2hta3Oo We’ve already helped 100s of families in need this holiday season. Let’s help 100s more. While you’re at it, get a shirt, beanie, or hoodie! (And everyone who joins the campaign will be entered to win a trip for 2 to Hawaii with the cast of Supernatural. We'll even teach you to hula.) Campaign is almost permanently over... JOIN US! bit.ly/trio_mci
  • 130204 2016.12.16 00:30
    I hate to be an alarmist, but this is it: today is your last chance to get in on the #SPNFamilyValues campaign! http://bit.ly/trio_mi This is your LAST CHANCE to win a trip to join us in Hawaii by helping families in need! Join us! http://bit.ly/trio_mci
  • 158052 2016.12.13 03:08
    Aloha! Anyone want to come to Hawaii with @jaredpadalecki, @jensenackles, me and the rest of the #Supernatural cast? We are giving away a free trip... http://bit.ly/2hGqa88 (2 Round-trip flights, 2 Convention Gold passes, 4 nights hotel, A Luau dinner, and photos with me and the boys.) Anyone who participates in the Love campaign is entered to win. http://bit.ly/trio_mi I'm packing my bikini, my spit-roasting equipment, suntan lotion, metal detector and depilatory cream. What will go in your luggage? #SPNFamilyValues
  • 83280 2016.12.12 07:09
    We couldn't be prouder of our #SPNFamily. We're making a real difference for those in need thanks to all of you. #SPNFamilyValues Join us! http://bit.ly/trio_mci vimeo.com/195122968
  • 199929 2016.12.09 07:16
    Hey, guys: I'd like to take this opportunity to utilize my skills as a Master Gift Advisor to suggest the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Get the sexy swag we’re wearing here http://bit.ly/trio_mci for your friends and family, and know that by doing so, you are supporting families in need around the world for the holidays! http://bit.ly/trio_mci #SPNFamilyValues #SPNFamily @jensenackles @jaredpadalecki @creationstands