• 251165 2017.09.19 04:39
    #HappyBirthdayCastiel! Cas is thousands of years old, but knowing Sam & Dean have accelerated the aging process. Here’s a before & after... (Sure, technically Cas predates the Gregorian calendar & wasn’t born today, but I’m playing along to score free cake.)
  • 175835 2017.09.17 22:37
    Yesterday, I participated in #ActGlobal! Act Global is Random Acts' global environmental cleanup event which is taking place all weekend: http://www.randomacts.org/act-global/ For my part in the effort, I joined volunteers from the Rotary Club in Bellingham to help clean up the fields behind Lydia Place (http://lydiaplace.org/). I know I've talked about Lydia Place before, but for those of you who don't know, it's an incredible organization that provides homeless single moms and their kids with housing and support services. They're great people that are making a real difference for families in crisis, so I'm always happy to support them. In the interest of full disclosure I admit that, in typical fashion, I was pretty useless at the cleanup. The Bellingham Rotary Club did most of the heavy lifting as we cleared out invasive vegetation that was encroaching on the wetlands and damaging the ecosystem. We also removed debris that was making it unsafe for kids to play (and by "we", I mean, "mostly the Rotary Club volunteers, but I helped a little"... But I'm working on another outdoor project at Lydia Place which I'll be able to show you soon, which will hopefully help compensate for my slacker tendencies this weekend.) There's still time to get in on #ActGlobal this weekend. You can participate from anywhere in the world, and even the smallest efforts (like mine) count. Join us! http://www.randomacts.org/act-global/ PS: The final picture below not only illustrates the results of our #ActGlobal cleanup efforts, but also serves as a "Where's Waldo?" game. Can you find the deer in the picture? (Her name isn't actually Waldo; it's Gertrude— but that's beside the point.)
  • 156185 2017.09.12 18:03
    Latte foam art is all the rage and even my kids know about it. We have a little milk foamer at home and this morning my 4-year-old made my coffee and did the foam art herself. She said this was "a unicorn riding a rhinoceros under a rainbow."
  • 271101 2017.08.27 21:56
    For those who wish to help us down here in Texas...we are makin things happen. https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/team/texas-flood-relief/familybusinessbeercompany
  • 118147 2017.08.26 03:00
    Right before this conversation Maison said, “Mom, you should get fat & have another baby.” Don’t let your kids be like mine. #ScienceMatters http://bit.ly/ScienceTime1
  • 150590 2017.08.24 23:30
    Is this what you meant when you said I could give @rachelminersgram a hand, @shopstands? Join us & help protect the environment: http://bit.ly/btc_mc #BeTheClarence