• 423338 2017.04.23 04:21
    Look up greatest friend ever in the dictionary, and you will see @lavieannrose 's face. She is gentle, kind, fierce, creative, generous, and everything she touches turns to magic. I'm a better person for knowing you, Ang. I love you. Happy, happy birthday 🎉🎂🍭
  • 523141 2017.04.22 23:12
    Women are... Strong. Brave. Capable. Leaders. Mothers. Daughters. Bosses. Women are... unstoppable @variety @childrescuecoalition
  • 393458 2017.04.22 01:13
    What. A. Room. Thank you to each of the leaders I was lucky enough to spend my day with. I'm grateful for the work you do, and for the people you are. #powerofwomen @variety
  • 514905 2017.04.19 20:27
    WOW! 💪🏼😮Thank you @variety for honoring the power of women and also for helping me support @childrescuecoalition Check them out. They're working to protect children AND BABIES from horrific sexual assault and exploitation. Everyone working there is the real hero. I'm grateful to share their work. 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿 Let's protect our little ones, all over the world! 💪🏼❤️
  • 451167 2017.04.16 04:57
    Happy Birthday @donsaladino 🎈Thank you for always helping me to work it out. 💪🏼Beyond that, you're an amazing friend, father, and leader. I'm happy to know you, sir. 🍰🎂🍰(...don't worry, emojis are gluten free)
  • 209650 2017.04.05 05:30
    📣LISTEN UP 🗣On average, women in the US are still paid 20% less than men. Break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity-- Black and Hispanic women are paid even less. Let's show our support for women and families at leaninorg.com/equalpayday 💰🚺💰 #20PercentCounts
  • 405945 2017.03.09 23:06
    Thank you for being the dee to my dum(b) for 19 YEARS now!! My best friend. My oldest friend☺️. My sister. My tower. Happy 🎈🎂🎈 Burrday @brittneynicole____ I love you more than you know (because it would give you too big 'a head) 😄😍😘🏙🎉
  • 658842 2017.03.09 22:24
    Thank you @lorealmakeup for celebrating these 10 amazing female volunteers in Canada and for giving them $110,000 for their charities. That. Is. Awesome. You make me proud to be in your family. Xox #womenofworth
  • 761584 2017.03.09 07:01
    I'm so honored to have spent this significant day with 10 women in Canada who've dedicated their lives to helping others. PLEASE check out each of their (self-made) organizations. 👏🏼💕They're making our world safer, kinder, smarter, and more loving. We are all #womenofworth but these women give that phrase extra meaning today. Ladies: Cheryl, Eva, Diana, Nayiri, Audrey, Kirstin, Betty, Shlezia, Lia, and Abi, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼 All my love, gratitude, and admiration.
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