• 405945 2017.03.09 23:06
    Thank you for being the dee to my dum(b) for 19 YEARS now!! My best friend. My oldest friend☺️. My sister. My tower. Happy 🎈🎂🎈 Burrday @brittneynicole____ I love you more than you know (because it would give you too big 'a head) 😄😍😘🏙🎉
  • 658842 2017.03.09 22:24
    Thank you @lorealmakeup for celebrating these 10 amazing female volunteers in Canada and for giving them $110,000 for their charities. That. Is. Awesome. You make me proud to be in your family. Xox #womenofworth
  • 761584 2017.03.09 07:01
    I'm so honored to have spent this significant day with 10 women in Canada who've dedicated their lives to helping others. PLEASE check out each of their (self-made) organizations. 👏🏼💕They're making our world safer, kinder, smarter, and more loving. We are all #womenofworth but these women give that phrase extra meaning today. Ladies: Cheryl, Eva, Diana, Nayiri, Audrey, Kirstin, Betty, Shlezia, Lia, and Abi, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼 All my love, gratitude, and admiration.
  • 363843 2017.02.14 00:12
    ...2 hours til THIS party🎉 @lorealmakeup Thank you for the best 9 to 5 out there.😆And thank you to all the hardworking people who made this party happen! Planning this event with you -FOR💘WOMEN- has been such a ball💋💪🏼
  • 411774 2017.02.13 17:12
    Feb 13: Tonight's the night. Grab your best gal. 💋 I love my man. But on this valentines, I celebrate women. Time to party...💋💃🏼 #KissLikeAGirl @lorealmakeup
  • 431867 2017.02.08 03:42
    How lucky am I that my best friend in the world is my sister. ❤🍜🍝❤ @robynlively you make every day better. I love you to the moon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 🎂🍭🍰🍬🌈🎉💖
  • 347928 2017.01.30 04:16
    💪🏼💖 You have a voice. You have power. You can stand up for whatever it is that you believe in. The American Civil Liberties Union is right there with you, fighting with and for Americans and their rights. Link in bio to donate 😃 If you can't donate 💵, go on their site, you can donate your time 🕑🙂! Your voice 🗣! You are the future that we can all be proud of. 🙏🏼👏🏼🎉
  • 853236 2017.01.23 06:05
    I marched for my daughters, for my friends, for strangers, for myself, for Phoebe here in this picture who I met as she motivated everyone she came across. My march wasn't driven by hate. It was rooted in a very simple fact-- we are all equal. I believe everyone can agree on that. Thank you to everyone who marched all over the world. I felt so hopeful and deeply grateful. #whyimarch
  • 755348 2017.01.20 07:49
    Thank you🙏🏼Thank y❤u for this honor. You all did this. We make movies for you, so your love means the most. I'm so grateful for the opportunity you gave me, and so many people by supporting The Shallows. I was so proud to stand up there last night to thank you and to share my passion and pride for #girlpower 💪🏼💖🚺🚹 As you proved, girl power isn't just for females. ...That's so 1995.😊 Men and women, together we are stronger. 🏆💖THANK YOU!!!💖
  • 950763 2017.01.19 03:53
    Thank you @lorealmakeup @kristoferbuckle @rodortega4hair @lorealhair for making me look like I slept more than 2 hours last night. #breastfeedingmama 😳😊💪🏼
  • 424057 2017.01.12 00:07
    Staging iPhone photo shoots (with myself) of my globes nails while kids nap and there are so many more important things I should be doing. That's normal, right?...
  • 376668 2017.01.11 03:39
    It takes a village. Thank you ladies. I remember hand gluing plastic stones onto my prom dress. And I was (and still am) so proud of it. Can't believe this is what goes into a dress I get to wear now. 😊so grateful.
  • 797642 2017.01.11 01:36
    Thank you to the group of talent it took to make this happen. I don't take it, or you, for granted. 😍🙏🏼 @versace_official @lorraineschwartz @ofirajewelz @louboutinworld @judithleiberny @lorealmakeup @rodortega4hair @kristoferbuckle @enamelle @sloaney_77
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